1: 1. Focus on aligning your spine and hips 2. Keep knees bent and feet shoulder-width apart 3. Relax your shoulders and engage your core

3 Tips for Perfecting Your Tai Chi Stance

3 Tips for Perfecting Your Tai Chi Stance

2: 1. Ground yourself by pressing feet into the floor 2. Maintain a slight bend in elbows and wrists 3. Visualize energy flowing through your body

3: 1. Practice deep breathing to enhance relaxation 2. Keep your gaze forward and chin slightly tucked 3. Slowly shift your weight with each movement

4: 1. Embrace the concept of "sung" or relaxation 2. Find your center of gravity and stay rooted 3. Hold the stance with softness and stability

5: 1. Emphasize the importance of proper alignment 2. Let go of tension and focus on flow 3. Take your time to deepen your practice

6: 1. Pay attention to weight distribution in your stance 2. Remember to breathe deeply and stay present 3. Find a balance between relaxation and strength

7: 1. Incorporate mindfulness into your movements 2. Listen to your body and adjust as needed 3. Practice consistently to improve your stance

8: 1. Seek guidance from a qualified instructor 2. Be patient with yourself as you perfect your stance 3. Enjoy the journey of mastering Tai Chi

9: 1. Remember that perfection is a process, not a destination 2. Embrace the journey of self-discovery and growth 3. Trust in the wisdom of Tai Chi to guide you.