1: Discover 4 Tai Chi exercises to strengthen your core. Improve balance and stability with gentle movements.

2: Try the Standing Tree Pose for a full-body workout. Engage your core muscles for added strength.

3: The Crane Stance challenge your balance and build core muscles. Perfect for improving posture.

4: Practice the Golden Rooster Stands on One Leg for a stable core. Enhance coordination and agility.

5: The Horse Stance builds lower body strength while engaging your core. Feel grounded and centered.

6: Flow through the Cloud Hands exercise for a toned core. Improve flexibility and balance with fluid movements.

7: The Snake Creeps Down pose targets the core and lower back. Strengthen muscles for better posture.

8: Explore the Brush Knee and Push exercise to work your core. Enhance stability and strength in movements.

9: Incorporate these Tai Chi exercises to strengthen your core and improve overall well-being. Transform your practice today!