1: Discover the rare 1933 Double Eagle coin, once illegally owned by Egypt's King Farouk.

2: Uncover the beautifully designed Brasher Doubloon, minted by goldsmith Ephraim Brasher in 1787.

3: Learn about the 1804 Draped Bust Silver Dollar, one of the most sought-after coins in numismatics.

4: Explore the elusive 1913 Liberty Head Nickel, with only five known to exist.

5: Delve into the mysterious 1943 Copper Penny, mistakenly minted during WWII.

6: Unearth the legendary 1794 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar, the first dollar coin ever issued by the US Mint.

7: Reveal the unique 1974-D Aluminum Penny, a trial coin mistakenly made with aluminum.

8: Marvel at the 2000-P Sacagawea Dollar with "Cheerios" reverse, a rare error coin.

9: Celebrate the numismatic history of these rare coins that have forever changed the world of collecting.