1: Introduction to Tai Chi, a ancient Chinese martial art known for improving flexibility.

2: Practice the "Monkey Picking Fruit" move to stretch muscles and increase flexibility.

3: Learn the "Brush Knee and Twist Step" technique for improved balance and flexibility.

4: The "White Crane Spreads Wings" move enhances upper body flexibility in Tai Chi.

5: Try the "Cloud Hands" motion to increase wrist flexibility and coordination in Tai Chi.

6: Master the "Wave Hands Like Clouds" sequence for a flowing movement and enhanced flexibility.

7: Incorporate the "Single Whip" technique for improved back flexibility in Tai Chi practice.

8: Practice the "Golden Rooster Stands on One Leg" move to enhance leg flexibility and balance.

9: Conclusion on the 6 Tai Chi techniques for increased flexibility and overall well-being.