1: "Improper Posture: Maintain a straight back and relaxed shoulders for effective Tai Chi practice."

2: "Overexertion: Avoid pushing yourself too hard to prevent injury during Tai Chi sessions."

3: "Lack of Focus: Stay present and concentrate on your movements for optimal Tai Chi benefits."

4: "Ignoring Breathing: Sync your breath with each movement to enhance Tai Chi flow."

5: "Neglecting Regular Practice: Consistency is key for mastering Tai Chi techniques."

6: "Incorrect Feet Placement: Ensure proper alignment and weight distribution for stable Tai Chi stances."

7: "Forgetting to Relax: Relax your muscles and mind to experience the full relaxation benefits of Tai Chi."

8: "Copying Movements: Understand the principles behind each Tai Chi movement instead of simply mimicking actions."

9: "Skipping Warm-Ups: Always warm up before Tai Chi to prevent injuries and improve flexibility."