1: Introduction to Rare Coins Discover the value of rare coins that could be hiding in your pocket change.

2: 1943 Steel Penny Learn how to spot the rare 1943 steel penny in your loose change.

3: 1970-S Small Date Cents Find out about the valuable 1970-S small date cents that are worth checking for.

4: 1995 Doubled Die Obverse Penny Explore the features of the 1995 doubled die obverse penny to look out for.

5: 2004 Wisconsin State Quarter Uncover the unique errors on the 2004 Wisconsin state quarter that make it valuable.

6: 2005 Speared Bison Nickel Identify the speared bison nickel from 2005 that could be worth a lot.

7: 2008 Arizona State Quarter Learn about the errors on the 2008 Arizona state quarter that collectors desire.

8: 1990 No S Lincoln Cent Discover the 1990 no S Lincoln cent error and its significance to collectors.

9: 1982 No Mint Mark Dime Find out about the rare 1982 no mint mark dime that could be in your change.