1: Discover the 1909-S VDB Lincoln Cent, highly sought after by collectors for its low mintage and iconic design.

2: Uncover the story behind the 1943 Copper Penny, a rare error coin mistakenly struck in copper during World War II.

3: Explore the 1913 Liberty Head Nickel, one of only five known to exist and valued at millions of dollars.

4: Learn about the 1794 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar, the first dollar coin issued by the United States Mint.

5: Delve into the history of the 1933 Double Eagle, a gold coin that sparked an international scandal.

6: Unearth the mystery of the 1974-D Aluminum Cent, a experimental coin that was never officially released.

7: Witness the beauty of the 1804 Silver Dollar, known as the "King of American Coins" for its rarity and value.

8: Admire the craftsmanship of the 1870-S Seated Liberty Dollar, a rare silver coin with a fascinating backstory.

9: Marvel at the unique history of the 1944 Steel Penny, a wartime coin made of zinc-coated steel that stands out in collections.