How To Eliminate The Pokeweed Plant From Your Garden

It can be challenging to eliminate the pokeberry weed, as it has a deep taproot that's difficult to completely dig out of the ground

 This also makes it nearly impossible to pull this weed to eliminate it, as some of its root structure will break off and remain in the ground, allowing the noxious weed to grow back.

Additionally, some types of birds can eat the berries safely, which causes them to spread the pokeweed's seeds in their feces

Because of the challenges in simply pulling it, you probably will need to use a chemical pesticide to eliminate it

Glyphosate or dicamba usually are the most successful chemicals for killing pokeberry.

If you simply do not want to use weed-killing chemicals, you can try pulling the pokeberry plant by hand when it is very young

 It won't have a deep taproot yet, which means you can eliminate most of it successfully. 




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