If Mushrooms Are Growing in Your Lawn, This Is What It Means

Dorothy Clark of Culver, Oregon writes: "Toadstools are growing in the open soil and under plant leaves in my flower bed

The soil isn’t too damp, so I don’t know why these intruders are showing up. I pull out and dispose of the mushrooms in my lawn

Melinda Myers: Toadstools, or mushrooms, are the fruiting body of fungi. The underground portion of the fungus feeds on decaying wood

Once the fungi have decomposed the wood, their food source is gone and the mushrooms in your lawn will disappear.

Rake to break up or remove the toadstools if you’re worried about kids or pets eating them.

Otherwise, wait for drier weather and watch them disappear until the next rainy spell.

Pro tip: Mushrooms and toadstools could potentially be poisonous and dangerous.




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