Other Visual Cues For Picking A Ripe Watermelon

Beyond measuring a watermelon's stripes, you'll also want to ensure the green ones are rather dull in appearance and not bright.

If they're shiny, that's a clear sign that the rind is relatively new and hasn't spent enough time on the vine maturing.

Another good indicator to visually check a watermelon for signs of ripeness is its field spot

which is the discolored patch usually on the fruit's side that shows where the melon was situated on the ground.

The spot should be a creamy, buttery yellow hue as opposed to plain white or light yellow

The larger the patch generally signifies more time the melon spent ripening while attached to the vine.

And for one final tip: Check the color of the fruit's stem, which should be dry and more of a yellow-brownish hue than green




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