This Is The Easiest Way To Tell If Your Corn Is Ripe

There's no better complement to an outdoor meal than a platter of grilled corn on the cob.

Sweet, juicy, and full of summer flavor, ripe corn on the cob is one of the season's greatest gifts

Whether you're grabbing a bunch of ears at a local farmer's market or picking up a few cobs at your nearest grocery store

There is one surefire way to tell whether or not these warm weather delicacies are ripe for eating.

Upon harvest, corn's natural sweetness slowly degrades and converts to starch, giving you only a short amount of time to enjoy corn at its peak.

To determine if your corn is ripe, peel back a portion of a cob's husk and silk. Then pierce raw kernels with your fingernail or a sharp knife

A perfectly ripe kernel will emit a milky white liquid when cut.




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