Varieties and errors in minting process

Proof and Mint State Varieties: Kennedy Half Dollars are minted in both proof and mint state (uncirculated) conditions.

1964 Proof Accented Hair: One of the most famous varieties is the 1964 Proof Accented Hair variety

Silver Clad and Copper-Nickel Varieties: From 1965 onwards, Kennedy Half Dollars were minted primarily in a copper-nickel clad composition for circulation

Special Mint Sets (SMS): In 1965-1967, the U.S. Mint produced Kennedy Half Dollars in Special Mint Sets (SMS). 

Double Die Varieties: Double die errors occur when there is a noticeable doubling in elements of the coin's design due to a misalignment in the minting process

Off-Center Strikes: Off-center strikes happen when the coin is not properly aligned with the dies during minting. 

Planche Errors: Planche errors occur when there are issues with the metal blanks (planches) used for minting.




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